What I’ve Learned From Probate Cases…


Probate cases have taught me a lot.

What a task at hand.

Your loved one dies, and now suddenly while in the process of the grieving you must somehow find a cash buyer/stranger to absorb the burden of the inherited house that may very well hold a catalog of memories as well as sentimental value beyond any dollar amount.  Life slams us against the wall sometimes, and this predicament could be looked at as the wallpaper peeling right off.

When I decided to specialize in working with people in probate situations, I knew that it would be both rewarding and emotional.  All in all, I can help.  I’m there to help.  I have no other intention other than to support my family and help people while I’m at it (and have a little fun too).  Folks dealing with probate situations want a solution but they should also expect a person in my position to exhibit compassion and genuine regard for their loss, and they absolutely deserve that.

SO… as a result, what I have learned is that a person with a house inherited through probate may be very happy I am a new addition to their support team, however what I know is that they require me to be patient.  They may be motivated to all end to have me purchase their house.  In fact, they may absolutely need me to if the house carries a mortgage which they cannot afford, for example.  However actually moving into the sale-phase is all too surreal, and so when it comes time to sign the paperwork often times mixed signals of de-motivation occur from the seller.  It takes a real professional to understand that this is a difficult time and grief shows up in many different ways in different stages.

Selling a house for cash can be the solution to so many problems the everyday person can have.  It truly is a genuinely wonderful thing to get a hug after you have relieved someone of the burden of owning a distressed or unwanted property.  Probates are another situation where hugs occur, but its the process of getting to know the family of the lost loved one, listening to their stories around the table over fresh-made tortillas as in one such case in a recent house I bought for cash from a gentleman who lost his beloved mother.  That’s what makes this job my passion…



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