More San Antonio Women Are Finding Opportunity And Success In The Male Dominated Real Estate Investing Arena



San Antonio, Texas is seeing a rise in female real estate investors, and they aren’t just dipping their big toe in.  Real estate investing is often regarded as a male dominated business, but more and more often women are making it to the top of their respective markets.

San Antonio women who are successful in real estate investing lead varied lives.  Some are stay-at-home Moms who hold rental portfolios and manage them part time.  There are also many San Antonio ladies whose real estate businesses represent their sole career, devoting their days work to the efforts of acquiring investment property and executing various investing techniques such as flipping, buy and hold, or land lording.  Kim Joppie of invests in distressed property in San Antonio and the surrounding areas, and it’s her full time gig.

“There are many opportunities for women in San Antonio Real Estate Investing.  You’re ahead of the game if you have solid computer skills and can multi-task with many moving parts of a project at once, skill sets that I believe lend themselves naturally to women”, Joppie says.

Women who participate in real estate investing in the San Antonio market often face a male at the negotiating table when trying to buy property.

“We buy houses in San Antonio.  But when a female see’s She Buys Houses Cash in San Antonio on Google or the yellow pages and then consequently picks up the phone to call me, I often hear that they were more comfortable calling me because I am a woman.  Regardless of the logic of that, I do think that women believe in supporting other women”, says Joppie.

And the fellowship of women regarding real estate investing doesn’t stop there.  The San Antonio Real Estate Investing Association of San Antonio (SAREIA) and the Alamo Real Estate Investors Association (REIA) both have women’s meet-ups such as wine and cheese nights, an event called Women In Real Estate Investing (W.I.R.E) and other women’s networking events.  More real estate networking groups such as Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) and Women’s Council of Realtors (WCR) exist in San Antonio to facilitate fellowship among women in those fields of real estate as well.

“Most of the people I help need to sell a house fast.  That creates a situation where several strangers may suddenly be traipsing through your house giving you quotes on your property.  When a woman can call another woman, I think there is an added layer of security in that exchange.  The feedback that I get from female sellers I work with is that they prefer to work with a woman when possible, and I am happy I can fill that niche in the San Antonio market, “says Joppie.


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